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Hybrid Inverter

Product Certification:  CE, IEC   


Application Area   

  • Domestic application: Fan, Lamp, ice Cooker etc.

  • Office Equipment: Computers, Printers etc.

  • Electric Communications: DVD, Monitoring device Communication

  • Electric Tools: Electric Drill, Punching Machine, Water pump etc.

  • Vehicle and ship equipment: Ambulances, Ships, Traffic Light etc.

  • Emergency power supply: Standby power supply



  • Pure sine wave output   

  • Low frequency toroidal transformer lower loss

  • Brand new wide LCD screen, clearly and precisely shows working data.

  • Three -stage charging: Constant current , constant voltage, float charge.

  • Three types working modes; Battery type selectable

  • Added fault code query function, easy to monitor  the operation in real time

  • Supports RS232 or RS485 communicateion port


Specification Download JSW Series

Note:All specifications are subject to charge without prior notice

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