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Hybrid Power System - ESS

Telecom Cell Site Power Saving Solutions

Telecom Cell Site Hybrid Solutions - Plug & Play Extendable of Capacity


Unique Advantage

  • Intelligent Control System

  • Special BMS(Battery Management System): No cell balancing required, Unique cell managing & monitoring

  • ESS : AC & DC charge power source input mode: Without this essential ability, Power loss will be consistent in hybrid solutions

  • Foot-print: Site space is not compromised with our unique cabinet design

  • ANTI-THEFT: GPS tracking enable / Cell by Cell smart lock mode / Cabinet installation lock mode

  • Power capacity of cabinet is extendable without extra hardware (Minimized O&M cost)

  • Design by customized specifications

Key Features of Hybrid Storage System

  • Battery Managing System (Cell Balancing for Safety & High Efficiency)

  • Easy Maintenance: Moduler designed the battery by cell to cell than easy to know which parts conditions, and Minimized maintenance and Operating cost system for faulty parts replacement only

  • Long Life cycle time 

  • Don’t have Cell balancing problem

  • Fast charge is possible:  All cells are fully charged 1 charging cycle

  • Faulty cells or consumed cells can be replaced without cell balancing processed, even tough consumed cells are replaced by new cells

  • Multi charging power source can be use

  • Plug & Play for Extendable of Capacity

  • Smaller Foot Print

  • Lower O&M Cost

  • Suitable for hybrid applications designed system

  • Remote Monitoring & Controlling

Easy Controlling the System

Easy maintenance and Lower O&M cost

  • Replacement can be made by single cell not by battery module

  • Maintenance cost can be minimum as replacement is made by single cell

  • Long distance monitoring and maintenance by mobile device for system operation conditions

  • Easily replace the faulty cell or parts of battery module only

Suitable system for large scale BESS

  • Even though tens of thousands cells are used in a battery system, there is no cell unbalance problem

  • Can operate the system after replacing faulty cell or/and consumed cell with new cell

  • Cell balancing process is not required when replace cell than replace cell easily and quickly

Monitoring the System (OFFLINE to interconnected ONLINE coupled systems) 

  • EMS is the local Energy Management System for simple and intelligent control

  • Operation and Maintenance, Visualization via PC, Tablet or Smart phone

  • For professional users who want to be able to know the current state of their system at any time, any where. 

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